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The Lealman FBC establishes 5 Districts and 3 Special Districts. Each District has it’s own vision and set of regulatory standards. The standards for each District were based on existing allowances from the Pinellas County Land Development Code, however, they more clearly dictate where a building is placed on a property and how it relates to the street and public spaces, ultimately promoting walkability and a dynamic pedestrian experience. This provisions of the Lealman FBC also do not initially require any change to the underlying future land use designations.

Lealman FBC Districts Map

Next Steps...

The following timeline outlines the upcoming key milestones of the project and tentative timing:

Image of the tentative project timeline for the Lealman FBC. This timeline highlights key milestones for the project during the summer of 2019 through the end of the year when the anticipated adoption/public hearing process will take place.
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